Wayne Skivington

For the last eight years, I have been performing in the Las Vegas Cirque Du Soleil production of Zumanity; ten shows a week.

Before running away with the circus, I was studying sports coaching at the University while representing Great Britain in acrobatic gymnastics. I am a qualified coach in gymnastics, rugby, powerlifting as well as being a certified personal trainer, performance enhancer, and corrective exercise specialist.

I became a father 3 and a half years ago, and it changed my life completely. I believe that this special duty we get to fulfill is truly remarkable and I don’t want to waste any time of it! Our children unconsciously teach us so much about life, and I wanted to teach him by example.

The fundamentals of gymnastics are the foundation for most sports. I know first hand, as I was the strongest fastest most flexible and agile kid in my class, and I was on the school team for the majority of sports. So I am here to help you get into shape while creating a relationship that will have a positive effect on your children and teach them basic fundamentals that will give them a head start on their health and life in general.

Stuart Mckenzie

To help me create IP FIT, I have asked my dear friend Stuart Mckenzie who’s expertise are one of a kind. I first met Stuart on the Great Britain gymnastics team where, at the time, his men’s four was ranked number 1 in the world and will be remembered as one of the greatest of that decade.

In 2008 we joined the world renowned Cirque Du Soleil resulting in Stuart signing a contract for the touring show Kooza and traveling for over five years before transferring to another touring show Kurios performing the act of Aerial Straps. Stuart recently created the mixed Duo Aerial Straps act in the show Mystere in Las Vegas

Stuart studied a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Sports Management and is certified in numerous fields of the fitness industry including; Gymnastics, Personal Training, Sports Massage Therapist and a Performance Enhancement Specialist.

Combining his fitness expertise and coaching experience, Stuart helps aerialists all over the world to achieve their aerial straps goals through creating acts and specific aerial boot camps.

We have collaborated all our knowledge together to give you and your families a new fitness journey whilst building family relationships.

Stuart has recently created his own innovative aerial act in which he performs for special events and workshops around the world.